The First Surface Pro

When Microsoft rolled out its first Surface Pro, it was meant to be a tablet/ pc. Microsoft sold a separate attachable keyboard that gave users the ability to do work on the Surface. One of the Surface Pro’s most attractive qualities was the ability to work on the Microsoft Office Suite and save directly to Microsofts OneDrive cloud. This was great for people who work needed Microsoft office. However, there where several issues with the first Surface. The first was the inability to install some apps and install a different browser. This probably stems from Microsoft using the then-new Windows RT OS, which wasn’t compatible with many apps. There have been several iterations of the Surface Pro since it was initially launched, and each new surface has its own sets of issues.

The Following Surface Pros-3,4,5

Either Microsoft had many complaints on the previous operating system, or they decided to listen to customers because the following iterations of the Surface Pro had the normal Windows operating system installed. The ease of use with Microsoft Office stayed the same and the tablet had a USB port, micro SD card reader, and a mini display port. The attachable keyboard is pricey and sold separately, but a user could easily use a less expensive Bluetooth keyboard instead. Overall the Surface Pro is a good tablet except when you are one of the people that experience some of the issues that have occurred.

The Surface Pro 4 customers saw several problems with their tablet; thankfully, many are now resolved. Many Surface Pro 4 users had trouble using their tablets due to a flickering screen. Microsoft has issued an update that has fixed this issue. This is the only problem that needed an update to fix it. Other Surface Pro 4 issues were mostly issues due to unknowingly changing a setting or locking out a screen, which can be easily fixed. Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and 6 had an issue with the battery draining while the device was turned off. This was a result of a firmware update that was intended to improve battery life. This issue also plagued the Surface Pro 3. Unfortunately the issue persists.

The Later Surface Pro-6 through x

There are reports of the Surface Pro 6 experiencing CPU throttling, Wi-fi connectivity problems, and some screen issues. The battery drainage issue continues despite new updates. The SP 3 battery drainage problem was solved with a firmware update but it seems like a new update has caused the same battery drainage problem again. And is, in fact, responsible for the CPU and wi-fi problems plaguing the Surface Pro 6. The Surface Pro x is Microsoft’s latest version. It is a thinner and lightweight detachable 2 in 1 tablet that held a lot of promise but still continues to have issues. The Surface Pro x has compatibility issues because of its Arm processor, which can’t run 64-bit x86 apps made for the intel core processor that comes in the Surface Pro x. This is a major problem because you can’t be certain that an app that you need for work will function on the Surface Pro x.

If you broke your Surface Pro or have some damage that is just out of your own skillset, you can read more about how to get your surface pro repaired here.

People that want to grow their social media presence are going to benefit greatly from

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You cannot be everywhere at once. If you do not have multiple social media accounts, it is going to be difficult to be effective without Jarvee. It takes an excruciating amount of time to individually upload pics and text to each individual social media platform. With Jarvee and a Jarvee proxy, you have a better chance of maximizing your time. There are more opportunities to move on to other things because you are letting this platform make the updates where you automatically publish things that you want to add to your profile. This is essentially the form of broadcasting where you are sending out the same information over multiple applications without doing all the work individually.

New Information

People that are following you are going to be looking for new information. This is how you grow your social media presence. If you are not posting on a regular basis it becomes harder for you to keep the attention of your audience. It is through your consistency in publishing new information that you draw crowds. When you are constantly updating you have a better chance to get more word-of-mouth promotion about your presence online.


A large majority of people that have used the automated platform can see a difference in how they gain more followers quicker. There’s nothing better than having the ability to automate your social media while you go on and do other things. So many newcomers assume that they have to be glued to their laptops or their phones to post continuously. This is not the way that effective social media works. If you are truly effective at what you’re doing, you will realize that Jarvee is the only way to go when it comes to maximizing your time and minimizing the time it takes to gain more followers.

Social Media Growth Now

There are some people that have a presence on social media that is growing, but it is growing slowly. If you want your social media presence to start blooming right now you need to look at alternatives to what you have been doing before. It is going to take quality pictures and interesting text to keep people interested. There has to be information that is worth knowing. This is why people come back to your profile or follow you.

When people get something from your social media presence that they are not getting anywhere else it becomes easier for them to see the logic in following you. Once you gain the following you have to be able to keep these updates going. Jarvee is just what you need to do that effectively.

Getting websites to rank well in search engines is the least frustrating when an administrator chooses the right SEO backlink strategy. Backlinks help websites rank well, enhance reputation, boost traffic, and improve communication. With so many options to try, it is a decision that warrants careful consideration and comparison analysis to make a sound investment. Here are the top three most powerful backlink strategies to boost website SEO rank today:

Do Some Guest Blogging

Guest blogging remains a superior online marketing SEO method to produce quality website backlinks. When done properly guest blogging on top authority web pages will drive an influx of high-quality backlinks to the target website. It also expands brand reach and creates opportunities for increased interaction. For this technique to work, contributors must post quality content that appeals to the audience. Furthermore, guest posting presents a convenient opportunity for website administrators to expand their network and build new relationships with brand influencers. For more information on this, visit SEO Consultant London.

Get Blogger Reviews

Blogger reviews also generate high-quality website backlinks that drive exposure and strengthen SEO ranking. It is that sort of outreach that would greatly benefit websites promoting products or services for sale. Finding bloggers to do website reviews requires a fair amount of online research.

Create and Share Authority Content As Resource

Contribute free content as a research resource. Copywriters and bloggers are constantly seeking links and resources to create relevant content for their audience. It makes sense to build relationships with some of these content providers and exchange research material for backlinks. Most content creators will allow contributors’ post to include a linked byline in the resource box that redirects traffic to a target website.

The key things to consider when going this route is content relevance and trust. What SEO experts recommend is that content contributors engage bloggers and copywriters via social media platforms to avoid awkward moments. It can be a one-time engagement or long-term collaboration, depending on how the trial run turns out.

Japan is known for minimalism. However, when it comes to the West, is it really possible to downsize the way we live our lives? You may have watched Netflix featuring Marie Kondo. And maybe, you may have read about her in the reviews. But is it really that easy to pick things that “spark joy”? The point of the entire Netflix series is for people to realize that we hold on to things that we don’t need. We hold on to things mainly because we feel that we will be losing something if we have less in life.

This has been a common dilemma considering how consumeristic the world has become today. The good news is that it is really easy to just stick to the essentials. You can enumerate the things that you do and realize that we actually wasted our money on useless things. The good thing about decluttering is that you can actually clear your mind. You can have an easier time to think and find solutions to some of the pertinent questions that you have in life. You will actually be surprised that there are some things that we can live without.

Konmari Method gives you a deadline. This means that you don’t end up decluttering at an uncertain duration. Instead, you will be given a week or even a month to get rid of things that you need to get rid of. You will also be surprised that a lot of things that you don’t really need or like are kept in your home accumulating dust.